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The partners

RITTMO AGROENVIRONNEMENT is a private research centre created in 2001 and specialised in fertilisation, bio-inputs, and agri-environment.

RITTMO was created around an innovative idea: to valorise the organic matter contained in by-products and co-products through intelligent conversion into efficient fertilisers within a sustainable circular economy. Convinced that these actions will help to reduce the carbon footprint, and thus the environmental impact of human activities, RITTMO supports the development of fertilisers, biological control products and agricultural systems that respect more the environment.

The research centre has a dynamic team of researchers, engineers and technicians offering services in the following areas:

  • R&D&I on fertiliser products: biomass transformation, energy production from biomass, optimisation of fertiliser production, characterisation of the agronomic efficiency and safety of fertilisers, impact on soils…
  • Expertise in regulatory affairs to commercialize fertilisers (compost, biostimulants, substrates…)
  • Formations

Virtually visit our molecular biology laboratory (in French).

Virtually visit our analytical laboratory (in French).

Independent R&D company at the service of agricultural players, SICOP GROUP has highly experienced multidisciplinary team, its own greenhouses and open fields, network of collaborating farmers, subsidiaries in Spain to enhance positioning, market introduction of products and technical support for sales, biostimulant registration dossiers.

SICOP GROUP was created near the very strategic vegetable market of Almeria, which has two production periods per year. Then, it has been expanding its activities to other key Spanish and European markets, providing fast execution of trials with a lot of flexibility and experience, in crops and agricultural areas of interest for the development of plant protection products and fertilizers.