Today a Consortium is born

SICOP has reached an agreement with RIITMO Agroenvironnement to create a platform on Regulatory Affairs, Research Studies and Field Trials, the EUROPEAN PLATFORM FERTINNET.
The EUROPEAN PLATFORM FERTINNET will work in a Pan-European dimension, to cover the Key European Countries in Agricultural Production.
The EUROPEAN PLATFORM FERTINNET will offer Technical Services in the areas of Fertilizer, Biostimulant and Bio-Control Agents.
In the present context of the need for products to improve crop production and neutralize crop stress problems, it is very important to establish supranational strategies.
We have found that there is a clear synergy between the visión of RITTMO and SICOP.
This platform was born with the objective of taking advantage of the complementary and geographic potential fields of work, based on the abilities of both companies, to develop a solid collaboration.


  • SICOP is a Spanish Company, that offers Professional Services in Research, Product Development, Product Registration, Marketing Support and Sales Staff training
  • SICOP is officially accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, for GEP and GLP trials
  • SICOP conduct studies with Plant Protection Products, Biocontrol Agents, Biostimulant and Fertilizer Products
  • SICOP was pioneering on the Development and Registration of substances with Elicitor effect
  • SICOP realizes trials in controlled conditions, greenhouse and open field
  • SICOP is specialized in studies of Agronomy, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology and Microbiology
  • SICOP collaborate with Universities and Research Institutes
  • SICOP work in a Pan-European dimension
  • SICOP aim is to turn into allie of our clients to exploit the collaboration and the synergy that allows to turn the work into a "passion"
  • SICOP has a Technical, Highly Qualified Team, to realize studies and trials, to discover and to develop the whole potential of the products
  • SICOP has Working Facilities to cover SPAIN
  • SICOP Project Managers design the protocols for trials or studies with extreme rigour, according with the customer needs and available guidelines
  • Our Technical Team is equiped with hight technology equipment to assure the maximium quality of the trials
  • SICOP trialist analyze carfully the obtained data from trial assessment
  • SICOP specialists write high precisition and quality Trial Reports to build BDR's and dRR’s
  • SICOP Scientific Team offer Bibliographical Search related to Mode of Action to support registration dossiers
  • SICOP follows all existing guidelines for studies and trials, submission registration dossier and follow up until authorisation is obtained

We work with the objective to satisfy our customers
Our demand is Precision, Rigor, Security
Our aim is promote a New Technology based in "Help the Plants to Helping Itself"
Our work looks to promote the full potential of products
We work to increase Crop Production, in Quality and Quantity, effect based on products for sustainable protection and fertilization, with full respect for the environment and consumer


Created in 2001 by a local group of professionals, RITTMO Agroenvironnement provides technical supports to companies for developing activities, respecting environment quality and quality of agricultural productions.

With RITTMO you have a skilled team of researchers, engineers and technicians, accompanied by an advanced scientific equipment. RITTMO work on soil improvers, fertilizers, growing media, plant stimulation products, digestates, microorganisms, bioplastics.

Help industries in the official procedures of putting fertilisers and growing media on the market:

  • RITTMO Agroenvironnement is a center for consultancy and technical services in the areas of fertilizer and agro-environment. Certified ISO 9001, RITTMO provide services to industries, government, public authorities, in order to help developing new products, characterize them (efficiency and innocuousness) and help industries to put them on the market
  • RITTMO are organized into four thematic areas:
    • Soil improvement, Plant Nutrition & Stimulation: Evaluation of the efficiency of soil improvers, fertilizers, growing media and plant stimulation products
    • Applied Microbiology: Development and evaluation of products based on microorganisms & Development of bioindicators of soil quality
    • Environmental Impacts: Evaluation of impacts of agricultural practices on agro-ecosystems and on the environment (fertilization, mulching, plastic, ...)
    • Engineering Process: Evaluation of valorization processes, Development of bio-remediation processes & Optimization of formulation products
  • By developing new products: soil improvers, fertilizers, growing media, plant stimulation products...
  • By developing new processes: transformation of organic wastes, remediation of agricultural matrices like washing waters, soils or sediments...
  • By developing news characterisation methods
  • And many other things in the field of fertilizers and agro-environment...

RITTMO and SICOP looking at the Future: INNOVATION

EUROPEAN PLATFORM FERTINNET has reach in the 28 countries of the European community

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